Boston’s premiere motorcycle audio system designer.

When you grow tired of the muffled factory sound system on your cruiser, custom built, or Harley, it’s time to come to JK Automotive Designs. We offer custom audio solutions to amplify your riding experience.

Motorcycle Audio is our specialty

Audio installations for cars and boats are not nearly as challenging as custom motorcycle audio. You need motorcycle audio specialists with experience, and that’s what you get at JK Automotive Designs. We know the right speakers and amplifiers to use to overcome the unique challenges of bike audio. Additionally, we implement equipment that is low profile and low impact, so we don’t take up all of your needed storage space.

All the Right Details

We know what you need for a robust mobile audio experience that is built to last. That’s why every electrical connection gets soldered. We secure the connections and protect them, so your audio quality doesn’t suffer. Weatherproof connections endure, and so do our corrosion-resistant mounting materials. You’re not setting up an audio system for a season. We want your sound system to look and sound just as good a decade from now as it does the day you roll out of the shop.

Custom Fabrication

What sets us apart is our team of specialists who can custom fabricate mounts from metal, plastic, and composite materials. This allows us to create a custom system that meets your needs regardless of what type of bike you ride.

Want to stream your audio over Bluetooth? No problem. Do need an input jack for a media system? We can integrate that. All of our motorcycle equipment is weatherproof, so we can provide solutions for all of your audio needs that will stand the test of time. Our fabrication techniques allow us to integrate features you cannot find elsewhere.

Weather Proof Performance

At JK Automotive Designs, we’re passionate about music and motorcycles, so we create custom systems that stand up to the harsh conditions audio equipment may have to face when being used by a motorcycle enthusiast like yourself. Our solutions are designed and engineered to be ready for any season.

Seal the Deal with Friendly and Professional Customer Service

The fact is that there are plenty of motorcycle audio installers who will give you a great deal at a trade show. There’s just one problem. If anything goes wrong, you can’t just wait until next year’s trade show to get it fixed.

JK Automotive Designs provides a high-quality finished product backed by our phenomenal customer service. We strive for perfection, so if something goes wrong, all you have to do is come right back to our convenient Boston location.

We Know Audio Integration

We’re not just audio installers. We integrate audio systems into your motorcycle, so it has the convenience and feel of a stock system, just with far better quality. We can even add handlebar controls for extra safety.

Stop by JK Automotive Design today to see what we can do for your motorcycle audio system. We can’t wait to provide you with a custom solution to meet your needs.

JK Auomotive Designs

Top quality work. The best equipment being manufactured today. That’s what you get when you choose JK Automotive Design. Our highly experienced team specializes in everything from custom sound system installation and dash cameras to radar detector installation and custom interior work that rivals original manufacturer fit. Find out why JK Automotive Design is Boston’s award-winning custom vehicle upgrade expert.

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