Sound deadening - vital yet misunderstood

If you want to make a long-term investment in your car, truck, SUV, or hotrod, one of the best is installing sound treatment materials. From reducing road noise to dampening vibrations in the vehicle, this is a vital addition to an upgraded audio system, or to give a vehicle the luxury feel.

4 categories of sound treatment materials

Knowing where to start with sound treatment means identifying the source of unwanted noise. Whether it is road noise that distracts from your music, a vibration caused by pounding bass, or a rattling due to cheap factory parts, there is an effective solution to each noise issue.

We specialize in minimizing the amount of weight added to the car while keeping installation times to a minimum. Our solution driven approach includes the following items which allow us to achieve professional grade results:

1) Vibration Dampeners – These dampeners don’t block sound, but they do reduce the vibrations and structural resonance.


2) Sound Absorbers – This is a lightweight solution that doesn’t affect vibration at all but does soak up high and mid frequencies. They also reflect thermal energy.


3) Gasketing Materials – These are used to seal speakers and to eliminate rattling, buzzing, or squeaking sounds from your audio system.


4) Sound Barriers – These heavy-duty barriers are used to reduce road noise by blocking and reflecting sounds.

Reducing Noise from Upgrades

Have you upgraded your exhaust system, wheels, or audio system? Perhaps you now experience additional vibrations or road noise. This is what the sound treatment process is all about. Let JK Automotive Designs get your car back to a quiet haven.

A vital component of classic restoration and hotrod builds

While we all enjoy the purr of a powerful engine there are always times that we may want to enjoy our music or tune out the engine noise and exhaust drone. Our experienced team can provide sound deadening solutions to let you enjoy the power of a beefy engine while still having a quiet, luxurious experience inside the vehicle.

Get a Quieter Car Today!

Stop by JK Automotive Designs in Stoneham, MA to have one of our sound experts take a look at your vehicle. We can create a tailored solution to meet your noise dampening needs.

JK Auomotive Designs

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