Peace of Mind in a sometimes Dangerous World

The alarm systems we install at JK Automotive Designs are more than just a sound that goes off when an intruder enters your vehicle. We offer the highest-quality of installations and alarm options so that you get the full benefits of today’s most advanced security systems. Our systems offer numerous features including being extremely difficult to disable, long range capabilities and more.

Our Vehicle Protection Philosophy

It is critical that an alarm system fully protects the vehicle’s entry points. Also, a good security system should disable the ignition so that the car can’t be hotwired in the event of an attempted carjacking.  You also want an alarm that draws attention, so a thief is moved to retreat instead.

Another trick of the trade is connecting the car’s parking lights. This adds visual effect to the loud alarm thus attracting more attention. Hidden sirens make the system even tougher to shut down once it has started. Plus, an LED mounted on the interior of your vehicle flashes to deter criminals from attempting a break-in in the first place.

Att JK Automotive Designs, we’re all about customization. So we don’t stop at the basics. Additional add-ons can include:

  • Sensors that protect storage boxes in your truck bed

  • Strobe lights as part of the alarm

  • Honking the vehicle's horn as part of the alarm

  • Battery backup functionality so a thief can’t just disconnect the main battery to stop the alarm

  • A remote starter so you get security along with comfort and convenience, all in one key fob.

Additional Security Options

We are also able to offer features that customize the way you control the arm and its functionality. For example:

  • We can repurpose your factory key fob to arm and disarm the alarm when locking and unlocking the doors.

  • Using a smartphone app for monitoring the alarm system, arming and disarming it, and even for remotely starting your car.

Secure Your Car Today!

Choosing the right installer is the first vital step in acquiring the right security system and ensuring that you benefit fully from all of its features. For a truly customized car security system, contact our professional installers at JK Automotive Designs by calling (781) 438-2379 today.

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