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It doesn't end with scanning

Every scan we do is cleaned up and aligned so it's ready for you to use.  However, if you need more than just a mesh of your object we also offer full reverse engineering services.  These can be as simple as extracting an accurate bolt-hole pattern, or as complex as a fully featured solid model.  Whatever your needs, we have the expertise to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Need a physical model of the scan?  We have our own 3D printers and CNC mills on site to produce prototypes as well.

Not sure if our services are a good match?  Give us a call and we'll help you figure out what you need, even if it's not with us.


From physical to digital in no time at all

We know the importance of being able to accurately measure a part, especially if it’s an unusual shape, warped, or even broken.  We can replace days of measuring, drawing, testing, correcting, and more measuring with a single visit by one of our skilled scanning operators.

Our scanning services aren't limited to the automotive field, or even product design.  From custom prosthetics to building restoration to art conservation, 3D scanning can help in a wide variety of fields.

Our scanner captures not just shape but color as well, which gives you life-like models of an object that viewed from any angle.


We use a top-of-the-line structured light 3D scanner that is accurate to within 0.002” and can produce a mesh with a resolution of 0.0079”.  If you need color, it can be captured at up to 200 DPI with 24 bit color.

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