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DRESS – The universal standard in radar detection


Don’t Get Caught Speeding

Driving too fast and getting pulled over can easily happen to anyone. “Do you know why I pulled you over?” may be one of the most alarming phrases in the English language. JK Automotive Designs is happy to offer our clients the most up to date laser and radar detector technology to help you drive safely and reduce the risk of an accidental traffic violation that could lead to expensive fines and increased insurance premiums.

What Is a Radar Detector?

Radar is a technology that police have used for years to track speed, and radar detectors are certainly not a new development either. However, there are advancements in modern radar detection systems that make them more effective and convenient. For example, we specialize in installing remotely mounted sensors allow you to enjoy the benefits of radar detection without the need for advertising an expensive device suction cupped to your windshield. That keeps you from getting flak from passengers who may not understand your reasons for having a radar detector. It also ensures that the device won’t need to be moved to avoid theft allowing the calibration to be maintained and you also won’t obstruct your view of the road.

What Is a Laser Diffuser?

Law enforcement systems need to lock on to the front of your vehicle in order to get an accurate speed detection. A laser diffuser blocks the ability for a laser system to quickly lock on. This gives you an advanced warning of police checking speeds ahead, and they will also have trouble performing a speed check on your vehicle. Most officers target the front license plate, so we create custom solutions to mount the laser diffuser where it will be the most effective.

A Legal Line of Defense

Laser diffusers are 100% legal and offer an extra line of defense during the brief moment of time between when a police officer sees your vehicle and when he or she triggers the laser detection to clock your speed. By fabricating custom mounting brackets, we can place the diffuser behind grills, intakes, air dams, or your front license plate to maximize effectiveness while maintaining a stealth-like appearance.


Optimal Installation Techniques

The best way to maximize the effectiveness of a radar detector is to optimize the range. This gives you more time to slow down before reaching a speed trap. The easiest place to install a radar detector is not always the best. We specialize in engineered solutions for maximized effect with minimal visual impact.

How a Laser Shifter Works

A laser shifter and radar detector are the perfect one-two combination to protect you. The radar detector gives you the chance to slow down before your speed is clocked by law enforcement. The laser shifter saves the day if you can’t slow down in time. When an officer directs a laser gun at your car to check the speed, a laser shifter responds with a countermeasure that confuses the laser gun. This gives you even more time to slow down and avoid a pricey ticket.

The critical component in laser shifter installation is placement. Line of sight is everything if the shifter is going to send the countermeasure effectively. A custom bracket fabricated by JK Automotive Designs is the perfect solution to mounting a laser shifter in the right location.

Rear Laser Shifters for Additional Protection

Since police usually target the front of a vehicle, this is where the initial laser shifter is placed. However, for additional protection, you can have a rear-facing laser shifter installed as well. If the officer realizes you have a shifter blocking the laser, he or she may try to clock you again after you pass. A rear shifter can block this laser as well.

Custom Display Mounting for Perfect Integration

JK Automotive Designs can provide flawless integration of laser and radar detection components and displays. Whether you want the warning light installed in your dashboard, rearview mirror, or another location that is easily visible to you but won’t be noticed by passengers, we can provide the discrete and factory appearance you are interested in.

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