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Our Shop

Here at JK Automotive Designs we take pride in our State-Of-The-Art facility. We value a clean and efficient work environment that allows us to work on your vehicle in a meticulous manner. Amongst our organized work stations you will also find modern equipment that gives us the ability to offer our customers next-level customization.


Our work stations

We go the extra mile when it comes to taking care of your vehicle while it is in our hands. An example includes our racking systems for holding panels and parts that are removed from the vehicle. All panels rest upon thick protective blankets to prevent possible panel damage. All fasteners and small pieces are cataloged within labeled bins in order to insure every single part that is removed from the vehicle is re-installed. When a vehicle is brought into our shop we apply specialized protection films and tapes to both the interior and exterior of the vehicle in order to guard against potential damage. Our work stations are always clutter free and organized to prevent potential mishaps. We know just how much you value your vehicle and we value making sure its returned in the same, if not better, condition.









Our Equipment

In order to provide the most efficient and precise fabricated parts for your vehicle we employ several different high tech machines and tools throughout our facility.

Router Stations

When it comes to creating new panels and geometry for your vehicle we often times use woodworking routers to shape each part. By using a router and several different purpose designed carbide router bits, we are able to achieve a precise cut that just is not possible with a jigsaw or other commonly found tools. Our specialized carbide router bits allow us to cut more advanced robust materials like ABS, PVC, and acrylic for integration into your vehicle. Our router stations are neatly organized with labeled locations for every router bit which helps us to work efficiently and always have the right tool on hand for the task.

Dust Collection

There is nothing worse than your vehicle being returned to you with a thin layer of dust on its interior or exterior. We catch dust within our workshop at the source with a networked installation of dust collection at all tools within our facility. Additionally our woodworking shop is separated from the vehicle bays to prevent any possibility of dust making its way to your vehicle.

CNC and Laser Machinery

For precision and repeat-ability nothing beats the power of a machine. Here at JK Automotive Designs we have invested in several different machines that empower us to design, fabricate and integrate one-off parts with extreme accuracy. Our machines include a Laser engraver and cutter as well as production based CNC machine with a automatic tool changer. The laser allows us to cut plastic materials to make one of a kind shapes and layers for different fabricated components including brackets, panels, inserts, etc. The laser also gives us the ability to etch text and designs into pieces allowing for custom labeling giving the work piece a more appealing finished look. The CNC router allows us to cut larger and thicker materials with the same precision but to also shape the work piece and achieve additional 3d contours on the finished part.

Allow us to put our shop to work for you!

JK Automotive Designs has the facility, tools, and equipment to offer you the best results.  Call us at (781) 438-2379 today to set up your consultation. We want to assist you to create the custom vehicle interior of your dreams and have a good time doing it. Our facility is conveniently located at 28 Pine St. #1 Stoneham, MA 02180. Come and see us today!

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