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Tacoma TRD Pro

The Tacoma TRD Pro is one of the coolest trucks to come out of 2017 so far and we had this brand new one in the shop for a full suite of upgrades.

Audio, Radar/Laser Defense System, Alarm, Remote Start and Custom Lighting, we did it all!

This truck was fully outfitted with almost every service we offer at JK Automotive Designs featuring JL Audio, Focal America, Rigid Industries - LED Lighting, Mosconi America / Gladen Audio America, Al Priority Net Radar, Compustar, and SoundSkins USA.

Browse through the photo gallery to see the progress of this project from start to finish.

The Rigid Industries - LED Lighting single row LED light bar fits perfectly in the opening above the bumper.

Look closely and you can see the three amber LED running lights integrated into the top of the grill opening.

Focal K2 tweeters replace the oem speaker in the dash.

Focal 6.5" K2 speakers for the doors as well. These units are an incredible improvement over the factory sound system.

The enclosure we fabricated has a small removable access panel in case any adjustments are needed to be made at the JL Audio amp.

A close up of one of the ALP sensor heads integrated into the front bumper.

Now that almost every car on the road has keyless start, this spot on the steering column is free for us to install the ALP controller; it's easily accessible and within reach of the steering wheel while remaining out of sight.

With the interior of the car in pieces while we work you can see the Tesa Tape Interior Protection tape is placed around the inside of the car to keep the trim free from damage. Also in this shot the door sill is removed and you can see the additional wiring we have run, all wrapped in OEM matching Tesa Tape.

As with many other jobs here at the shop the front bumper has to come off the car. You can see the additional horns we installed along with the Rigid Industries LED Light Bar and mounting bracket.

This factory cubby hole in the dash is the perfect spot for the switches for the auxiliary lights and horn to be installed.

After some router work, the three toggle switches fit perfectly in this location and match the interior trim as well.

A row of neatly wired relays that power and control all of the extra lights and accessories we installed, each unit is labeled for future reference.

The bed lights we installed fill the rear of the truck with bright white light when the lift gate is opened.

Four red LED running lights installed beneath the lift-gate.

Hidden behind the rear seats we fabricated a custom enclosure for the JL Audio 10" subwoofer.

Keeping with our goal of OEM fit and finish the JL Audio Amp is hidden behind the rear seats in a custom enclosure as well.

Two rear facing Rigid industries cube LED lights were installed under the bed to light up the ground behind the truck; useful for some night time off roading .

Just another example of a neat and tidy wiring harness using Tesa Tape.

We chose the JL Audio XD1000/5v2 amp to power the sound system in this installation; the unit is powerful yet compact enough to fit behind the rear seats.

Three toggle switches for the auxiliary lighting and horns blend with the OEM switchgear well.

The ALP controller installed into the steering column; easy to reach and use along with being hidden out of sight.

The finished product! subtle additions to the TRD add to the overall experience while keeping the OEM fit and finish.

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