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BMW E30 M3

A tribute to the vehicle that created the category of the Sports Sedan, this 30th Anniversary Edition 30 Jahre M3 is a modern descendent of the first BMW E30 M3. With only 150 vehicles coming to the U.S., this vehicle is as rare as it is stunning. Earlier in the year we had one in the shop for a full ALP Radar - Laser defense system install and one of our custom no holes license plate mounts. Check out the finished photos of the install

The ALP controller is hidden away under the door in the center console, to the left of the shifter is a small mute button that is nearly invisible to the untrained eye, but the controller is always close at hand when needed to access functions of the ALP System.

A single multi function LED is in the rear view mirror mount for easy line of sight.

With the console door closed the BMW looks virtually untouched.

A close up of one of the Al Priority Laser Shifters.

Two ALP Laser Shifters protect the rear of the vehicle from being tagged again once driven by an officer.

The front of the car is protected by three Laser Shifters that cover the full front end of the car from being shot at with a police laser.

The front bumper remains in perfect condition and free of any holes from our no hole license plate frame mount.

But with a snap the plate is securely fasted to the car.

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